Singer, guitarist and songwriter Loli Molina of Argentina has become one of the most enchanting voices of Latin America. Her first two solo albums, (2008, produced by Nico Cota) “The yellow trail” and “Yes or no” (2011, produced by Tweety González), were published in Argentina by Sony Music.
She won the MTV Latino 2009 award as the “Best New Artist of the Southern Cone” and since then has journeyed in the extensive road map of the mainstream, deciding to take the route of independent artist with her 2015 release, “Rubi”. Her decision to take her career and music into her hands has led to a new creative moment, his third solo album “Ruby” the first produced artistically by Loil.
”… I have no taboo regarding multinational record companies, but now I feel a lot of freedom. I am interested in expanding my music without anything stop me … “he explains. And it plans to edit it forward and defend in Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia during the 2015/2016 season.

Something indescribable happens when Loli sings, whether it be her own songs or interpretations of classic 80′s (“Karma Chameleon” by Boy George), or the Uruguayan Gustavo “Prince “Pena (” Mandolin “), or South American folkloric standards like ” Tune of full moon “.

Loli Molina is a difficult artist to pigeonhole. Her training, formal and eclectic, includes forays into classical music, Gregorian chant, jazz, vocal Indian music and rock. Her cited influences are also varied. “… I am very curious but do not hear too many things at once, because when I connect to something I do so with depth. Joni Mitchell seems super powerful and creative, but I also love Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Cuchi Leguizamón. I was also fascinated by African music, as the minstrel Ali Farka Toure or group Tinariwen … “.
But despite this broad and rich universe of references, Loli is a believer in the essence of song song. “… The genre doesn’t worry me, I don’t determine it or let it limit me …” she says. “… I like all music except those that are not true. I think a good melody and a good lyric make any other type of device not really necessary … “.

From her early arrival on the scene, Loli has captured the attention of her colleagues, some of the most recognized voices in Argentina and regional scene such as Nico Cota, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, Tweety González (collaborator Fito Paez and Soda Stereo), Lito Vitale, and the artists she has shared stages and recording studios with such as
Kevin Johansen, Javier Malosetti, Lucio Mantel, plus Uruguayan Fernando Cabrera and Ana Prada and Cuban singer Yusa instrumentalist.

In 2014, Loli participated as guest guitarist and backing vocalist of Mexican group “Kinky” that recorded for MTV Latino. Loli he has played in the band of Miss Bolivia and with members of La Grande, an improvisation group founded and directed by Santiago Vazquez. All these experiences, says Loli, have been enriching for her own music.
“… Touching someone else’s music and to get te serve the art of is very refreshing. I try to put myself in the composition of another. To try to understand from what place he or she writes and performs is something definitely enriching … “.


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