Writing jam’s creator, Argentine author and screenwriter Adrián Haidukowski, plucked the idea from the jazz jam session, where musicians get together and, with nothing pre-established except a chord pattern, freely improvise music amongst themselves. Haidukowski figured the concept could work in a literary setting as well, and sure enough, it has caught on and spread far beyond its South American birthplace. Besides the Mexico City jamming, this year it has started in Barcelona and will soon be hitting London and Guatemala City. In Buenos Aires, the writing jam has been going on for four years in a row. In late 2008, Mondadori publishing company brought out a collection of all the texts written live in 2007 and 2008. The ones being done in Mexico will get the same treatment, with the publisher planning to compile the texts produced in 2010 and distribute the copies late this year for free.


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