ESCALANDRUM [Jazz-Argentina]

Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla creates ESCALANDRUM (Jazz – ARG) on 1999. The group’s name derives from the mix of “Escalandrún” (a species of shark that “Pipi” fishes with his father Daniel – family tradition inaugurated by his grandfather Astor Piazolla) and “drum”.

After 14 years on the road, the group has released six records with original songs, “Bar los amigos” (2000), “Estados Alterados” (2002), “Sexteto en movimiento” (2004), “Misterioso” (2006), “Visiones” (2008) and “Piazzolla plays Piazzolla” (2011), having performed in over 40 countries. Their original music has already been played on the main theaters of Argentina, Spain and Latin America.

On 2007, Fundación Konex places the band among the 100 most influential Argentina’s popular music groups of the last decade, and they share the stage with Enrico Rava, Dave Holland and John Scotfield.

On 2011, they release the remarkable “Piazzolla Plays Piazzolla”, a unique album which mixes tango and jazz in a very smooth way. That’s ESCALANDRUM’s tribute to the great Astor Piazzolla. ESCALANDRUM officially released this album in Buenos Aires on Gran Rex theater for an audience of 3000 people, with the special participation of Paquito D´Rivera, receiving a broad acclamation from both audience and press as never a jazz or tango group had so far experience in Argentina.

On 2012 they were nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards for “Best Instrumental Album”, competing in the same category of Chick Corea and Al Di Meola. In the same year, ESCALANDRUM made a world tour including concerts in Europe (with the memorable performance in La Villete in Paris, Rome Auditorium, Denmark, VIC Festival in Barcelona, Poland, Austria, etc.), performances in Israel, and a series of concerts in New York, where the highlight was the mythical concert “Birdland” with the singer Ute Lemper and Paquito D’Rivera.

The band’s world tour closes in October on the prestigious Festival Cerventino with 14 concerts throughout Mexico. As a result of the 14 years of work and success, the project “Piazzolla Plays Piazzolla” has been awarded three times by Prêmios Gardel (the major musical award in Argentina) for “Best Jazz Album”, “Best Album of the Year” and the acclaimed “Gardel de Ouro”. The latter was won by big names of Argentina Popular Music such as Mercedes Sosa, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Charly García and Fito Páez.


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