The COMBINADO ARGENTINO DE DANZA (CAD) is a dance company formed by artists of multiple influences, such as the independent hip hop scene, contemporary dance and traditional folklore. The CAD was created through improvisational meetings held in Tecnopolis in 2011 (Technology and Culture Fair of Buenos Aires) and is directed by the artist and choreographer Andrea Servera. The company wants to occupy the public space while inviting to a connection full of drums and different ways of dance. In their shows Argentine folklore meets Hip Hop, and Carnavalito (typical northern Argentine Carnival rhythm) meets cumbia, and other Brazilian rhythms as well. All the dancers wear masks and expose their bodies creating unique and interconnected figures. This proposal is a mashup of dance and music.
Diversity and mixture are the most important features of CAD, for their concept is based on the artistic completion in dance and music. The dancers have different backgrounds; some of them are focused on the development and operation of urban rhythms as others have training in contemporary dance school. Their training is flexible and wide, and so is the CAD’s ability to adapt to different stages and spaces for dance. This way, they can perform in theaters or in the streets. The CAD creates new shows for each situation, in which local dancers insert new identities in an artistic space where intuition and imagination guide the body and tries to create through each move an unique and personal dance. The CAD has performed in many festivals throughout the world, such as the TEDx Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Mica Dance Festival, Micatlántica in Galicia (Spain), International Festival of Buenos Aires, the “São Paulo Circuit of Culture” in the Republic of South Africa, and the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, among others.


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