ANA TIJOUX [Hip Hop-Chile]

The new sensation of the “rap latino” has a name: Ana Tijoux.
The versatile MC, of French mother and an Chilean father draws audiences all over Latin America, United States and Spain, countries who have surrendered themselves to the lyrics to one of the greatest female spanish language rap singers.

She started in the Chilean group Makiza, known to the use of socially awareness in their lyrics. After leaving the group to pursue an solo career, her success only increased. Bajofondo, the mexicans of Control Machete and Chilean Dj Bitman are just a few of the artists who invited her to feature their songs.

With the album “1977″, Ana Tijoux shows her skills through sophisticated lyrics and rhythms, displaying a jazzy voice that leaves everybody restless. The album is named after her birth year and reflects the zeitgeist of her childhood in France as simultaneously pays an hommage to the Chilean hip hop that influenced her throughout her early 90′s adolescence.

Her last album named “LA BALA” had the participation of big names such as Jorge Drexler (Uruguay), Curumin (Brazil), Monica Blaire (EUA) among others. This record was nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Urban Artist.

Considered as one of latin america’s most proeminent MC’s, Ana Tijoux was nominated for MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica as “best new artist” and “best urban artist”, and recently reached the top of her carrer by being the second chilean artist to be nominated to an Grammy award.




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